Our vision of Airport Information Ecosystem:
Almaty International Airport
Airports are complex environments where a variety of visitors come together and united into a system of aviation communication and related services. The main tasks of modern airports include seamless information integration, intuitive navigation, and a comfortable visitor experience that leaves a positive impression. Proper design and implementation of modern digital tools enable solving such tasks and enhancing the level of information communication with a wide range of airport visitors.
Establishing an information ecosystem connects each element of the infrastructure into a unified mechanism, creating an effective and seamless digital communication inside the airport
Success components
  • Service personalization
    Personalized navigation
    and information support
  • Transport management
    Automation and navigation
    In/Out, public/private, parking, transit
  • Crowd management
    Create people traffic flows
    Manage registration and control
  • Advertising, Art, Entertainment
    Modern presentation of social
    and commercial personalized ads
  • Data Science
    Prompt decisions
    Digital database of the airport
Service personalization
Friendly Assistance is a system designed to provide contactless interactive communication with airport passengers.
The platform registers the request and distributes it to other media boards.
As passengers pass by each media board, they automatically receive personalized, updated, and accompanying service information.
Transport management
The platform performs information regulation of movement within the airport area:

— Organization of vehicle traffic within the airport premises;
— Real-time navigation with consideration of road and area congestion;
— Indication of available parking spaces and their quantity;
— Status and schedule of public transportation;
— Automation of access control for drivers entering the airport premises;
Crowd management
The platform regulates the movement of people within the airport area:

— Regulation of pedestrian traffic;
— Quantitative control of crowd density within the airport premises;
— Regulation of registration and flight procedures;
— Generation of heat maps;
— Navigation-based regulation of hazardous congestion.
Data science
The collection and processing of data by the platform enable the following functions:

— Passenger flow management in airport zones;
— Regulation of people movement in restricted areas during emergency and crisis situations to ensure safety;
— Planning and modernization of airport infrastructure;
— Optimization of airport technological processes;
— Enhancement of advertising effectiveness.
The platform introduces a new concept of media broadcasting and innovative technologies for effective advertising, through a network of dynamic digital information surfaces.
  • Intelligent and dynamic advertising management
  • Increase in the quantity and enhancement of the quality of contacts
  • Targeted and relevant advertising
  • Cross-platform (omnichannel) advertising, O2O marketing
  • Accessibility and transparency of broadcasting parameters, determining advertising effectiveness
Social problems & solutions
  1. Lack of a unified design of advertising constructions
  2. Absence of a social informative content
  3. Decentralized systems for various airport tasks
  4. Low trust in information messages due to their low relevance
  1. Create airport design code
  2. Navigation and useful content on various screens
  3. Single solution, based on Big data and AI
  4. Personalization of any content on digital inventory
Commercial problems & solutions
  1. Banner blindness
  2. Complicated and non-transparent advertising process
  3. No tools to measure ad effectiveness
  4. Dependence of advertisers on professional players in the advertising market
  5. No tools for building cross-platform advertising campaigns
  6. The targeted program does not change until the end of the planned advertising campaign
  1. Relevant content and amazing design
  2. Convenient and transparent process of advertising placement
  3. Accurate audience measurement and verified planner
  4. Effective advertising campaign based on AI planner
  5. Airport advertisements as part of an overall online targeting campaign
  6. Effectively moving an advertising campaign to audience locations
Digital transformation and AI are rapidly spreading and embrace in all areas of our lives. Airports strive to keep up with the trend to be smart, digital, comfortable and safe. Our patented technology can bring transparency
and efficiency to make a fully digital airport